Help to Sponsor the TAPO

Since the TAPO is not an official web site of the Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts of America we are not able to obtain any financial resources thru them to operate our site. Up until now we have been able to have all of the hardware and connection services provided free by members of the community. Just like everything else we have growing pains too. We want to offer free web space to every post, crew or ship but at our current rate we will run out of space on our drives very soon. We would hate to have to turn units away.

Domain Names
The domain names ( - ) were obtained by the original creators of the site. The domain names have been registered to Chris Diamond to keep with the TAPO server to ensure that they will be used only for the promotion of the Boy and Girl Scout Programs. We are not looking to sell or transfer the domains to any group or organization at this time.

What are we looking for?
The one element that every non-revenue producing web site is looking for is money. The majority of all of the services and materials have be paid for out of the pockets of the administrators of the site. Up to this point we have not asked for any sponsors for the site but we will never turn anyone away who would like to help us out financially. Also we would like to find equipment that could be dontated to help us expand our server. We are not looking for much except for a machine that can be upgraded, hard drives (the larger the better since they fill up fast), even items such as a used laptop (for remote administration when the server has errors) and other computer related items (mice, keyboards, etc.). We are in the process of trying to become a Not For Profit organization.